The CKS album
Here we display
Classic Kawasaki images taken by members and other interested people and also images from club meetings.
Here we do not publish promotion shots and other commercial stuff,
since such pictures are possible to find elsewhere (try our links- and brochure page).
Our aim is to show bikes in use, rather than museum objects...


Bondens dag 2012, Backamo
Lars B Z1330, Ulf G H2

Classic Kawasaki meet 2013

Classic Kawasaki
meet 2010!

Classic Kawasaki meet 2011

Classic Kawasaki meet 2012

Kawasaki Z1 40 års fest,
Edersee Tyskland

Per Olofssons meeting 2008

Sydträffen 2008

Classic Kawasaki
meet 2009!

Classic Kawasaki
meet 2007!

Kari´s Z1A-74

Ulf Liljas meeting 2008

Classic Kawasaki
meet 2008!

Per Olofssons meeting 2006

Classic Kawasaki
meet 2006!

Per Olofssons H1-69

Liljas Meeting 2005

Åsas Z750E-81

Mats Fredssons
Original S2

Ulf Gustavssons collection

Sune's H2

Klaus H2

Richards GPz 1100-81

Davids Z650-81

Newborn H2

The 2001 Motorcycle
Show in Stockholm


SKTC Meeting at Visingsö 2002
Barry's 1973 H2 750 Timo an his Kawasakis H2 -79 ---- H2 -01
Meeting in June 2001
Kalevi's S2 350

Kawasaki x 4

Lilja's Meeting
Clive's 850 cc   Alaskan version  
1975 H1F

Hillard's Hillclimber

Ray's new H1 F

Håkan's Bikes

Oil City Slickers

2 x H2 from France